Labourspace: great idea, awful execution

Relaunched* (presumably?) at the weekend’s Spring Conference, is the Labour Party’s campaign-based social network. Ed Miliband’s welcome message calls it ‘the place where those of us who share Labour’s values come to discuss how we want to make Britain a better place to live.’ There’s much to like about it, but they get some … Continue reading Labourspace: great idea, awful execution

Flogging a dead horse. Again.

I feel obliged to note that LabourSpace, Labour’s attempt to build a social network around policy discussion and campaigns, has relaunched. Again. It’s less appalling – downplaying, quite dramatically, the voting up and down of campaign ideas which has failed over a two year period now to spark into any kind of life. But I’m … Continue reading Flogging a dead horse. Again.

BNP's BuddyPress-based social network

The Conservatives won plaudits for the MyConservatives social networking platform they launched at their annual conference; and now the LibDems are slowly getting their own Act together (ho ho). Labourspace remains a bit of a joke. But one UK political party has been quietly developing its own social network for a few months now, with … Continue reading BNP's BuddyPress-based social network

Thoughts on MyConservatives

A bit pushed for time just now, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts regarding the launch of the Conservatives’ new community platform, I hope they make sense. It’s built on an open-source platform – specifically Drupal. Almost certainly the right choice: after all, Drupal describes itself as ‘community plumbing’. For those … Continue reading Thoughts on MyConservatives

Ed Miliband wants your email password

Today’s big event on LabourList is Ed Miliband’s piece on the launch of He writes: Today I am launching – the Labour Party’s campaign social networking site. I hope it will provide a unique home for organisations and people to host and promote their campaigns – and to bring their ideas to the … Continue reading Ed Miliband wants your email password

Labour: new website, same old story

Conference season is as good a time as any to refresh a political party website. The LibDems did it last week; this week it’s Labour’s turn; and we’re already hearing details of a new Tory site for next week. So is this finally the recognition of Labour’s previous online under-performance? Er, no it’s not. It’s … Continue reading Labour: new website, same old story