Speaking at ScotWeb2

Alex Stobart at the Scottish Executive Government is putting together ‘an informal, bar camp style event allowing participants to listen, network and share experiences with those who have designed and are managing Web 2 services’: and he’s seen fit to invite me up to speak at it.
ScotWeb2 is a one-day event being held at Edinburgh University’s Holyrood Campus, with backing from BT, on Friday 31 October – long weekend, anyone? It’s already a cracking line-up, with Ross Ferguson (ex Hansard Society, now at Glasgow’s Dog Digital); James Munro from Patient Opinion; Iain Henderson of the intriguing Mydex; and Stewart Kirkpatrick, ex editor of Scotsman.com, now running w00tonomy – ‘Scotland’s first, only and leading content marketing agency’. Oh yeah, and me. Gee, that’s a lot to pack into a single day, never mind a Friday. (And more is promised.)
There’s more information at Eventbrite, with the ability to claim your (free) ticket; there will be a website at scotweb2.com, but it’s not really ready yet.

Panic over

Well, that’s a relief. With Peter Hain resigning at lunchtime, there was a rush of quite rational speculation that the Wales Office might be folded into a new ‘department for the devolved bits’, covering Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
I’ve been doing a bit of work for the Wales Office over the last month or so, which I’ll (hopefully?) be unveiling at Saturday’s government BarCamp. I’m exceptionally proud of it, and I think it’s a potentially groundbreaking piece of work for e-government. But if Downing Street had announced the end of the Wales Office as a department in its own right, the whole point of my project would have disappeared. And for a moment this afternoon, it looked like my masterpiece might never see the light of day.
Paul Murphy, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to hear of your appointment. I note he’ll also be chairing a ‘new cross-departmental committee on IT and information security – although the grammar of the No10 announcement doesn’t make clear if it means IT generally, or IT security specifically.