Live video for Darzi's NHS Review

This afternoon sees the effective conclusion of Lord Darzi’s year-long (ish) review of the National Health Service, under the Our NHS Our Future banner. I did a quick reskin of the associated website back in May, and we’ve gone a few steps further to mark the big finale.
Inspired by comments from Tom Steinberg back in January, regarding the HMRC website on tax deadline day, I decided to rework the homepage to raise all the Review documentation right to the very top. A big friendly header immediately grabs your attention, and says yes, you’re in the right place. There’s a live video feed from the launch conference, embedded directly in the homepage using Flash. We’re hoping to keep the as-live video available ‘on demand’ for a few days, whilst we cut an edited highlights package. Previous homepage content isn’t lost, but gets bumped well down the page.
The live video feed came together remarkably quickly – the idea was first floated on Thursday afternoon, and here I am on Monday, watching it on my desktop. See? It can be done.

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  1. Nice one Simon. The live video feed sounds interesting – can you share any more details about how you pulled that one off?

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