Questions to the Prime Minister!

Downing Street’s journey ever deeper into new media continues… as Sky’s Joey Jones observes, ‘cyberspace probably seems the safest place for Gordon Brown right now.’
And on the day he addresses Google’s Zeitgeist Europe conference, apparently to announce ‘a number of areas (plural? hmm…) where the UK Government and technology giant Google are planning to work together’, he also becomes the latest politician to invite questions from YouTubers. See their London Mayoral efforts, or the US-based YouChoose for other examples… or indeed, the Rolling Stones.
I’m not entirely sure about these ‘ping-pong’ video interviews… they’re certainly better than the mock-TV studio efforts which Labour have tried before, but I worry about a channel where the questions are often longer than the answers.
You’ve got until 21 June to record and submit your question, with responses to follow ‘at the end of June’… although they’re describing it as ‘regular’, so there should be further chances later.

One thought on “Questions to the Prime Minister!”

  1. Unemployment rising and working class people tax payers suffering. Why are the executives of all banks not being taken to court and charged, for fraud, as they have been paid big fat bonus’s when the banks have been in trouble, are they feeling the effects I doubt it. Also why does the government allow big companies to take jobs out of britain, so they can make bigger profits, soon the UK will have less skilled jobs available for the young people as they are all being taken abroad. I think I could do a better job of running this country.

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