Anyone see Gordon Brown's live webcast?

Did anyone log on to the live Labour Party webcast last night? Or indeed, did anyone know about it? The party claims 3000 questions were sent in by text (or via the web, I believe?), to be put to the PM by comedienne Arabella Weir during the 30-minute Q&A session. The Labourhome website appears only to have posted word at 2pm, which doesn’t exactly ooze engagement with the grassroots.
In principle, it sounds like a clever use of a Party Political Broadcast, as an immediate call-to-action. But I didn’t see it live… and disappointingly, there’s no recorded footage on the Labour site, or on YouTube. All I’ve found so far is one blog posting, which talks of a ‘ghastly problems with mics’. So if any of you were among the ‘thousands’ who apparently logged on for the event, please, tell us more.
Update: it’s now been posted on YouTube. Thirty-three minutes long, I notice. Whatever happened to the 10-minute limit??

2 thoughts on “Anyone see Gordon Brown's live webcast?”

  1. Was busy campaigning in the local elections last night – though after posting it on Labourhome, I did email the details to 5000 activists nationwide. the Labour Party also did its own mail out.

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