Language matters

I’m still gathering my thoughts from Saturday’s UK GovCamp: not sure what I can or should say. Several people told me fascinating things, on condition I didn’t write them up here. Several things I would truly love to blog about, but I know I shouldn’t. I’ll piece together the rest in due course.
But one thing which has already hit home numerous times is this slide by Anthony Zacharzewski, during his (sub)session ‘Making the political sell‘:

Anthony’s point was that politicians from the two leading parties respond differently to different (apparently synonymous) words. Depending on which party your interlocutor represents, you may need to alter your vocabulary if you’re going to get your proposal passed.
A fascinating idea, not something I’d ever thought about before – but on reflection, spot on. Worth printing out this sheet and keeping it handy for the next few months, maybe.
Anthony’s full slide set is here. Follow this guy, he knows his stuff.