£874,000 on a website that couldn't be rescued?

From the Telegraph:

Britain’s human rights quango spent £874,000 on a new website that was scrapped and replaced less than two years later after suffering “grave technical difficulties”, it has been revealed.

After 18 months of ‘repeated crashes and other failures [which] meant it “could not be restored or used further”’, the story continues, they dumped supplier Parity and switched to ‘a new system which it’s understood was considerably cheaper and remains in place today’. A happy ending of sorts, I suppose.
Parity still lists the EHRC work on their website – and what do we discover?

Of course, it’s far from the first time we’ve seen nearly £1m spent on a short-lived website: DIUS (remember them?) spent £953k on a site which barely lasted 2 years, although in their defence, it did actually work.