The many uses of a Polaroid Pogo printer

I’m amazed quite how much use I’m getting out of the Polaroid Pogo printer I bought out of sheer curiosity on a rainy afternoon a few months ago. Roughly the size of your hand, from wrist to fingertips, it prints photo stickers about the size of a business card. All done via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to even plug it in. Switch it on, send the file over, wait a minute, and bingo.
The quality, frankly, isn’t brilliant. But as the parent of two young girls, we seem to be finding regular excuses to use it. Illustrating school reports, enhancing greetings cards, that kind of thing. So much quicker and easier than printing, cutting out and Pritt-sticking. You’re looking at £30-40 for the printer (although I think I got mine for a bit less?), then about 12p per photo, which right now seems very reasonable.