Three-second kettle: best gadget ever

Three second kettleI am in awe of the latest gadget to appear in our house: the new Tefal QuickCup ‘kettle’. I don’t pretend to understand how it works; something to do with spirals. All I care about is: you fill it with cold water, you press the red button on top, and within three seconds it starts spitting out hot water at a coffee-friendly 85°C. There’s a built-in water filter, too.
Even better, it can apparently ‘save up to 65% energy’ compared to a normal kettle… so it’s environmentally sound too! Granted, it’s a bit noisy, and it sprays a bit if you don’t put the mug relatively close up to the spout – but worst case scenario, it’s noisy and spitty for three seconds. I think I can put up with that.
This totally redefines the process of making a cup of instant coffee, and my world is hereby changed for ever. Unfortunately, the inevitable result will be a dramatic increase in my caffeine intake. Amazon has them for less than £50. Coffee on demand, with a green conscience? For fifty quid? Come on, people. It don’t get much better.