Harley to retire; new CIO & Deputy to be hired

The recent silence from government CIO Joe Harley had been noted; now comes confirmation from his original employer, DWP that he is to retire at the end of the year.
The DWP press release states:

The process for selecting his successor, as CIO for DWP, will begin immediately. The Cabinet Office will run a separate process for the next Government CIO along with the process that is already underway to replace Bill McCluggage, the Deputy Government CIO.

Worth noting the comments from Tony Collins:

Joe Harley has achieved much within the DWP – including cutting costs and helping to set up the administration, based on agile principles, of Universal Credit. But it was always going to be difficult combining a full-time job as DWP CIO with that of Government CIO. Harley’s retirement gives the government a chance to appoint a full-time CIO who is passionate about structural change and can build a strong public profile on the need for it.


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