How did I ever cope without BuiltWith?

Least surprising news of the day... 🙂

A site I’ve found myself using a lot recently, is – several times most days in fact. Basically, you give it a URL, and it churns out a nice list of the web technology the site uses.
You can go to and enter the URL, like Google; or you can drag their bookmarklet into your web browser interface, to give yourself one-click access to the report on whatever site you’re looking at.
What I’ve done, though, is add it as a ‘Tool’ within the must-have Web Developer toolbar for Firefox. And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re well used to that particular add-on. It’s dead easy to configure:

  • On the toolbar, click on Tools > Edit Tools > Add
  • Enter a sensible name, plus a keyboard shortcut if you want one
  • Change the ‘tool type’ from Application to URL
  • Paste (with the question mark) into the URL box
  • Then press OK, and you’re done

You’ll now have an option for BuiltWith in your Tools menu, along with services like HTML and feed validation.

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