Top Of The Blogs (says Wikio)

I discovered something rather disturbing in my website referrer data this afternoon; according to the otherwise reputable Wikio, is now ranked in the top 50 of UK technology blogs, and has been since last November. In fact, it’s been as high as no31 in previous months.
This either means the site is much more popular than I ever realised; or Wikio’s algorithm needs work. For now, I’m assuming the latter.
I’m almost certainly going to regret this in due course: but here’s the Wikio widget, proudly declaring the site’s current position:
Wikio - Top Blogs - Technology
Currently listening to: Phil Lynott’s Yellow Pearl, unquestionably the best TOTP theme tune. (Discuss.)

3 thoughts on “Top Of The Blogs (says Wikio)”

  1. Congratulations on the ranking, but the Yellow Pearl statement needs unpicking I suspect.
    There’s no doubt it’s the *last great* TOTP theme, but I think it’s a brave man that suggests that it’s better than the C.C.S. version of Whole Lotta Love… and I say that as someone who has spent time living with (not in the romantic sense) a life-sized cardboard cut out of Phil Lynott from the Solo in Soho album…

  2. I must admit: as I typed that, I did reflect on the Whole Lotta Love one… but decided that whilst the flutes add a certain novelty value, it’s still just Led Zep with extra cheese. And too much cheese isn’t good for you.
    Whereas Yellow Pearl stands up as a piece of music in its own right. One of those songs which drove me that little bit further and harder when it came up on my iPod whilst out running.
    Incidentally: I now discover there were a remarkable number of versions of that one track in circulation, and it’s most amusing to listen to the song’s evolution from this plodding – and frankly appalling – demo to Solo in Soho to polished masterpiece. And I think the actual TOTP theme was yet another different version..?

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