Chant confirmed as new digital chief

I’m told that Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group chief Ian Watmore confirmed the appointment of Chris Chant as Director for Directgov and Digital Engagement in an all-staff email earlier this week. No mention of the word ‘interim’, as I understand it. We knew about the Directgov bit… but the news that he’s the new Andrew Stott is something of a surprise, given Chris’s almost exclusively technical background.
I’m also told that the email contained a commitment to implement the ‘agreed findings’ of the Martha Lane Fox report: although the process of agreeing is still ongoing, so that could mean anything.
The @dirdigeng Twitter account, incidentally, remains in the possession of Andrew Stott.

5 thoughts on “Chant confirmed as new digital chief”

  1. That is a bit of a surprise. As for the twitter account, as I said at the time, its about the person not the job title silly. They should let him (Andrew) keep it as long as he changes the handle and lets followers know to follow the new director.

  2. Maybe we’ll see Chris Chant resurrect his twitter account then? I suspect not though. BAU Confusion reigns!

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