Directgov CEO Jayne Nickalls quits (now confirmed)

No formal confirmation as yet, but we have reports from two very well-placed sources that Directgov CEO Jayne Nickalls has ‘resigned’ from her £95,000-a-year position.
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It’s just over a month since Martha Lane Fox submitted her review of Directgov, and her proposals for its future. And only two days ago, there was the clearest confirmation yet of the whispers I was picking up, when Civil Service Live posted a report that Directgov is to be government’s sole website.
More to follow – but since it’s well after 5pm on a Friday afternoon, I wouldn’t exactly hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “Directgov CEO Jayne Nickalls quits (now confirmed)”

  1. From Twitter:
    jnickalls Jayne Nickalls
    I’m leaving my role as Directgov CEO. It’s been an amazing journey and thanks to everyone who has supported Directgov in this start up phase

  2. Blimey, ‘TheWatcher’: didn’t take you long to post that! (Original tweet is here). And for what it’s worth, I’m also hearing rumours that the Directgov board may have been dissolved – but so far, I can’t find authoritative confirmation.

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