WordPress in your pocket

The trinity is complete: with the release of an officially-sponsored Android app, following in the footsteps of previous iPhone and BlackBerry releases, there’s now a WordPress client for the three biggest-hitting smartphone platforms. (Sorry Nokia.)
It’s development like this which, in my mind, lifts WordPress above other similar platforms – and any bespoke CMS build. You’ve suddenly got remarkable power to publish to the world, in a free download which sits in your pocket until you need it, whenever and wherever that may be. It’s also nice to note how the app is based on a previous independent effort (wpToGo).
After literally minutes playing with it, the most striking function of the new Android app is comment management – be it notification, moderation, or even the ability to reply instantly. In the right context, it could really ramp up the two-way communication around a given blog or site.

2 thoughts on “WordPress in your pocket”

  1. What’s the speed of the app like? The Blackberry one is quite handy, but I often find it slow to load data (e.g. when refreshing the list of comments).

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