Will COI publish its raw! data! now!?

I’ve seen a few ripples of excitement at the news that ABCe is to act ‘as a sole third party to independently validate the figures generated by an audit of government websites, in the largest project of its kind to date’, with ‘COI [to] publish comprehensive figures on the cost quality and use of government websites by June 2010’. Not exactly a surprise though, as this was in the COI document on Improving Government Online, published in March.
The exciting part, I suppose, is the fact that the figures are to be published. I wonder how. If Sir Tim really is to lead a push to make government publish its raw data, wouldn’t this make an excellent ‘best practice example’?

4 thoughts on “Will COI publish its raw! data! now!?”

  1. I’ve written before about adopting Piwik as an instant across-the-board standard for traffic measurement; I must admit, I hadn’t initially spotted how comprehensive its API was. And I still think there’s something to be said for running an analytics server of our own, away from Google (not that I have anything against them, not at all).
    Then you go and do this with the BIS data, Steph. Jeez you’re good, man.
    Depressing to see IE6 is still the top browser, though. 🙁

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