They asked, Gordon answered

Whether or not you like the answers he gives, the presentation of the ‘Ask The PM’ questions and answers on the Downing Street YouTube channel is really nice. The ‘split-screen’ treatment gives equal prominence to punter and premier; and one plays when the other finishes. Nothing too clever, but I really like it.
The second round of questions has already opened: this time, on the specific topic of health. Worth noting a tightening of the editorial criteria: nothing party political, nothing over a minute.
Meanwhile, over at the Governance of Britain site I developed with the Ministry of Justice, we’ve got the first of (what should hopefully be) a regular series of video messages, introducing debates around the constitutional renewal programme. Minister Michael Wills is great on camera: then again, he has a background in TV, and has plenty of practice.

4 thoughts on “They asked, Gordon answered”

  1. downingstreet is a German user of YouTube. I think you want (are incorrect usernames the new incorrect domain names? 🙂 )
    Incidentally, I started playing the question I could see and after a few seconds the questioner was drowned out by Gordon Brown speaking over the top (far be it from me to draw any sort of political pun from that), and I wondered what on earth was going on… the auto-playing of a video I can’t see as it’s too far down the page is rather a bad decision IMO.

  2. Sorry folks, what can I say. It was late, and I wasn’t even meant to be at a computer. Fixed now. But aren’t you glad you saw that (slightly sinister) clip of our German friend getting into his overalls?

  3. @Matthew Good point re the auto-playing clip. I guess I’ve spent too long on MySpace pages which do that… and developed fantastic ‘pause button’ reflexes.

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