Brown comfortable on camera?

Just a quick return to the subject of yesterday’s speech by Gordon Brown to the Google Zeitgeist conference. Having failed to watch the Windows Media stream on the No10 site, I was glad to see the speech posted on the event’s YouTube area. And it’s remarkable for one reason: look how relaxed Gordon Brown seems, for a man supposedly at political rock-bottom. Granted, we could do without the ‘watching tennis’ head movements, but be fair to him – he’s only got one working eye. (Hat-tip: Dizzy.)

2 thoughts on “Brown comfortable on camera?”

  1. Great stuff! The ‘watching tennis’ movements are absolutely hilarious! What on earth is that about? I guess that a desparate image coach has told him to ‘look at the audience’. But as he drones on he looks more and more like a trapped polar bear. You have to feel sorry for him. Just a little bit.
    I seem to recall that you were less than enthusiastic about Mr Brown before he rose to the top, Simon. What on earth could have happened to change your mind?

  2. I’m not sure I ever declared myself to be particularly anti Brown… or indeed particularly pro Brown. You don’t have too dig too far into my archives to find positive and (on reflection, very) negative pieces about him. Same goes for Cameron and the Tories, the LibDems, the Greens… etc etc. And all, hopefully, without ever going too deeply into my own political views. That’s not what the blog’s about.
    I will say this though… I think things have changed, for the better, in the last couple of weeks. But then again, post-10p, post-Boris, they had to.

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