Puffbox.com technical problems

Apologies to anyone trying to access this website over the course of Thursday. Due to a slight misunderstanding with my ISP, the site was taken (briefly) offline. Thankfully, it’s all steadily resolving itself. But if you were trying to get a comment through to the website, or trying to email me since Wednesday evening, please try again.
As it happens, it was a pretty simple hiccup. The automated email, sent ‘by’ my UK-based ISP, said I had to renew my domain by 05/06/2008. Each time a date was quoted, it was quoted in that same format. Not unreasonably, given that I’m dealing with a UK ISP, I took that to mean 5 June. It actually meant 6 May.
It serves as a warning to anyone planning to deal trans-Atlantically… including, as in this case, companies outsourcing parts of their customer-facing activity. I bet I’m not the first to fall foul of this.