Pause for thought

It’s been a week since I wrote anything on the blog, and it’s likely to be another week before I write anything else. I thought I’d explain why, in case you thought I was dead or something.
It’s partly because so much of what’s happening at the moment is party-political, with elections imminent and a few (ahem) Whitehall issues dominating the headlines. This blog is about the business of politics and government, but we try never to express a party-political preference. And that would be nigh-on impossible in the current circumstances.
It’s also partly because I’ve got several projects I’d love to talk about, but can’t. Two are virtually complete: under starter’s orders, but not yet out of the stalls. Two more are in relatively advanced stages of development, and should make quite a splash in mid-May. And then there’s the one I’m most excited about, which will probably be my main focus into June. (No disrespect to the others, all exciting in their own right… but this one is huge.)
But it’s mainly because I’m worn out, and need a few days off. So let’s all sit back and watch the banter of the London mayor vote (and its aftermath)… and reconvene here again after the Bank Holiday break. All those in favour? Great. Night night, everyone.