Another Whitehall blogger

Just picked up on another Civil Service blogger, bringing the total to… er, a slightly larger handful. The otherwise anonymous Civil Serf is female, aged 33, and Whitehall-based. I’m guessing she’s a ‘Grade 7’, if her boss is a member of the Senior Civil Service – and that would seem to be more or less in line with her statement that:

Fortunately for you i’m just senior enough in my department to really know what’s going on. Fortunately for me i’m not senior enough to attract suspicion from my blogging.

And in the space of barely a dozen posts since November, she’s hit several nails squarely on the head – very articulately. You’re most welcome to the club, whoever you are.

One thought on “Another Whitehall blogger”

  1. That one’s been amusing me too. But – isn’t there something about anonymous blogging that makes you feel a little, uncertain about its truthfulness and relevance? I don’t know… My money’s on HMRC by the way.

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