NY Times invests in WordPress

On my to-do list for today: a list of ten reasons why you should be using WordPress. So helpfully, glancing through this morning’s RSS feeds… Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announces ‘a $29.5 million round of financing’.
The numbers don’t mean a lot to me, although apparently it’s ‘massive’. Much more interesting is the fact that one of the investors is the New York Times. CEO Toni Schneider also reveals: ‘we are also entering a partnership with the Times to expand their existing WordPress blogging infrastructure and to create new ways of connecting WordPress bloggers with the New York Times and its readers.’
Plus of course, at last week’s Crunchies awards, WordPress won both ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ and ‘Best CEO’. That list is writing itself.
Quick update: did we know that About.com (ranked #141 by Alexa, whatever value you choose to put on that) is built on WordPress? We do now.