Act On CO2 a success: Hitwise

Fascinating data from Hitwise’s Robin Goad on the apparent success of the recent Act On CO2 campaign. Not only has it pushed up the number of search queries (and one assumes, traffic to the site); but it’s a very pleasant surprise to see two of the top 5 destinations for searches on ‘CO2’ are government sites. A third is Wikipedia, which is almost a given these days. The other two are US-based.
Update: caught the TV advert earlier today… and I see they’ve reverted back to the ‘search for Act On CO2‘ tagline, as opposed to quoting the Directgov URL. Well, I guess that would explain why searches for that particular phrase are up – I doubt many search terms have a TV campaign dedicated to them. Plus, I guess it means they were happy that the ‘no URL’ approach worked last time.
(Oh – and I was going to embed the advert in question for your viewing pleasure, but can’t find it anywhere on YouTube. This despite the fact there is an Act On CO2 user registered. No activity there post-Miliband, by the look of it. Are we far enough into this revolution to be shocked when you can’t find something on YouTube?)