UK schools told not to upgrade to Vista

Becta, the technology-in-education agency chaired by former e-Envoy Andrew Pinder, put out a report earlier this week telling schools and colleges that the time was still not right to upgrade to either Windows Vista or Office 2007. If you’re extending an existing network, their recommendation is to stick with XP; I can sympathise. It took my Vista laptop nearly half an hour to shut down last night.

If you’re using Office 2007, they say, you should continue saving stuff in the old .doc / .xls / .ppt formats. Plus – ‘pupils, teachers and parents should also be made aware of the wide range of free-to-use products currently available and on how to use and access them.’ Hear hear.

4 thoughts on “UK schools told not to upgrade to Vista”

  1. Ah but will schools still be hobbled into going the Microsoft route in general? Will our country never see the light and continue to use public funds to prop up an illegal monopoly? Will our children get to taste source code?

  2. Shut down to conserve power.
    By the way Simon, did you have numbers of comments on your RSS feed before or is this new? Very good, anyway. I’ve read in RSS only for some time now and would rarely visit the site itself otherwise.

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