Recruitment advertising won't die

Interesting to note the Scottish media’s concern at the prospect of a launch of a jobs portal by the Scottish Executive Government ‘which poses a threat to the advertising businesses of every newspaper in the country’. Of course, we’ve had a centralised jobs portal in the form of the Civil Service Recruitment Gateway for several years, and I’m pretty sure the Guardian is still going. And despite the rosy picture painted by the official best practice guide, now in its second edition, I find it slightly galling to see CSRG advising people to ‘take advantage of developing technologies’. A few years ago now, I tried (and failed) to persuade them to adopt RSS. A single central publishing solution, with the ability to syndicate vacancies back to source departments’ corporate sites in a standardised XML format, would have been a killer app. I thought I had them sold on it several years ago; it never happened. (Thanks to Martin for the tip.)

3 thoughts on “Recruitment advertising won't die”

  1. Can’t argue with the theory, Alan – but there’s the JobCentrePlus brand to contend with. Like it or not, I doubt many high-fliers would ever drop by ‘the virtual dole office’ to see what Senior Grade jobs are up for grabs. No reason not to develop a ‘posh’ front end on the same back end though, I suppose.

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