Seriously Microsoft, get a grip

I’m sitting in McDonalds on Whitehall, having finally managed to log into the free wifi service. I’ve tried doing this numerous times over the last few months, each time without success… finally learning that there’s a problem in Vista’s wifi implementation, which means you often only get local access if you’re logging into an older wifi router. Yes folks,  you heard me right. Microsoft’s top-of-the-range operating system can’t log into wifi reliably.
So how am I sending this? As a last resort, I’ve started carrying a Ubuntu Live CD in my laptop bag. (Haven’t dared do a full install since the last disaster.) And guess what? Ubuntu worked, first time.
If Vista’s SP1 doesn’t fix this, I’m going to try installing Ubuntu again, and if I lose Vista this time, I won’t be shedding any tears.

4 thoughts on “Seriously Microsoft, get a grip”

  1. Simon
    Have found the perfect answer. I typing this in Firefox within Kubuntu, which itself is running inside a window within Vista as a virtual machine. All free, using VMWare Server. It’s so easy!

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