New Sky News design? Hardly.

I think it’s a bit much for Sky News to be heralding a ‘newly designed site’ – when in truth, all they’ve really done is shuffle the below-the-fold links on their homepage. The special Madeleine homepage has disappeared from the navigation (although curiously, they’re promising to keep updating it?), and there’s a new Media section which is too lite to cause the Guardian to lose any sleep.

On the upside though, Steve Bennedik’s piece on the (occasional) Editors’ Blog points tantalisingly to ‘an attractive new video player which will include the facility to build playlists and play full-screen’. Attractive doesn’t count for much. But playlists are certainly interesting, albeit a technology I was trying to get them to pursue seven years ago; and with the new Flash player supporting HD-quality video through the H.264 codec, the prospect of full-screen video sounds intriguing.