Whitehall people: can your site process RSS?

A question for anybody reading this here blog from a Whitehall web team. (Yes, I know you’re out there… just cos you’re too shy to raise your head above the parapet!)

I’m doing some preparatory work for a website which has implications for (and hopefully, buy-in from) several central government departments. Here’s the theory: if you write your material into our new site, we’ll pump it back to you as RSS, and you can do all sorts of clever XML-y things with it at your end. The same material becomes available to two (or more) websites, and everyone’s a winner.

So here’s the question: if you went to your IT / web support / techie team, and said ‘can we consume and republish data from this RSS feed on our pages somehow?‘… how would they respond? Answers in the comments or, more likely, via the secrecy of the Puffbox.com feedback form. Please guys, surprise me…

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