Amazon's e-book does newspapers and blogs too

Others will cover the release of Amazon’s e-book device in much greater detail than I ever could. But of particular interest to this blog: monthly newspaper subscriptions. For just $6 a month – that’s just three quid! – you get an electronic subscription to the Irish Times, delivered over the airwaves to your new Kindle device. That’s quite a compelling offer, even once you factor in the $400 to buy the device in the first place. Other major US titles are available, at between $6 and $14; you can also get Le Monde and the FAZ for $15.

Don’t overlook this, by the way: Amazon is also selling Kindle subscriptions to some of the leading blogs, including Boing Boing, Slashdot, The Onion and Techcrunch. And wireless wikipedia access is free: Douglas Adams would be delighted.

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