New bloggers at the FCO

After six weeks, Sherard Cowper-Coles – our man in Afghanistan – has signed off from blogging duties on the new FCO site. A quick scan down his recent posts will reveal just how much effort he was putting in: lengthy articles, photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube. Oh yeah, and he’s the British Ambassador in an actual war zone. It’s not as if he can have had much free time on his hands.

The baton is passed to Frances Guy, our woman in Lebanon, who kicks off with some interesting reflections on Remembrance Sunday. Meanwhile, the FCO has a new guest blog, written by Claire Hughes who’s doing a voluntary internship in Costa Rica, whilst on sabbatical from Defra. Oh, and while we’re in King Charles Street… check out Mr Miliband’s latest YouTubing: roping in visiting dignitaries. Way to go, Foreign Secretary.