Huge numbers for Times F1 blog

A nutshell I picked up from comments on Adrian Monck’s blog, courtesy of Tom Whitwell:

Ed (Gorman) started a F1 blog at Times Online in March, and he’s been astonishing – 60-100 comments on plenty of posts, 30k visitors a day during the peak of the season, getting about 35% + 35% UK and Spanish readers, teaching me a lot about how blogs can work. He’s having a rest until the new season, but the blog is at Plenty of other good Times bloggers (Ruth Gledhill, Charles Bremner, Danny Finkelstein) but Ed has gone from a standing start to huge success very fast.

Very impressive numbers. But yes, on reflection, Formula One was crying out for the blog treatment. Hardcore fan base, slow-burning weekday stories culminating in weekend global mass-audience events (the races), conspiracy theories a-plenty – but perhaps most importantly, bunches of blokes spending too much time together. The perfect recipe, really.