How many feed readers?

I’d never thought to look at the number of subscribers I have in Google Reader, until I saw Adrian Monck’s list of Britain’s most popular ‘news business’ bloggers. I didn’t realise quite how easy it was: just click on the ‘Add subscription’ button, and search for the blog/person’s name – not the URL (otherwise it’ll assume you wanted to subscribe, and will cut out the intermediary step). You can do more or less the same thing with Bloglines too, incidentally – and if you put the two figures togther, that should cover the vast majority of RSS readership, by the look of it.

Personally, I’m a little surprised how low everyone’s numbers actually are. I’m hereby laying claim to a ‘top five’ position, assuming my occasional pieces on the ‘news business’ are enough to get me into the club? And interestingly, I see my readers are more than three times more likely to use Google Reader than Bloglines. I wonder what that says?

3 thoughts on “How many feed readers?”

  1. Thanks for the how-to. In fact, by adding Bloglines subscribers (and I’m a Bloglines man myself), I can massage the figures with a further 72 subscribers and beat Roy Greenslade (who mysteriously doesn’t have a single Bloglines subscriber)! Adrian, I demand a recount!

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