Recommend a hosting deal?

I’m in the market for a UK hosting arrangement, which will allow me to offer clients end-to-end WordPress-based solutions: design, build and somewhere to put it. I’m not looking for anything special – just your basic Apache / MySQL / PHP5 arrangement with a do-almost-anything admin front-end. Don’t need to worry about huge storage space (yet anyway), but I’d rather avoid anything that imposes a traffic limit. UK-based, naturally. Under a grand per year, and ideally, well under.

Basically I’m looking to pay someone to take the whole hosting worry off my hands, so I can do my thing. They look after the maintenance, monitoring, etc etc etc. If it goes wrong, they fix it first, then tell me it went wrong but they already fixed it. I’m dealing with some v-e-r-y high-profile clients, so not only do I need to be confident myself, I need them to be confident in my confidence. If you see what I mean.

At the moment, Heart Internet seem top of the shortlist, but there are plenty of players in the reseller field. So, over to you guys. Who would you recommend? Or indeed, advise against? If you don’t fancy using the comments, there’s a feedback form over at Convince me you’re genuine, and I might even quote your affiliate code. 😉

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