Media Guardian redesigns (yawn)

At long last, Media Guardian has had its facelift, following the formula of other recent Guardian redesigns. It’s wide, it’s long, and it looks like it’s having a few (entirely forgiveable) first-day hiccups. It looks fine… much like every other 1024-wide news site redesign I’ve seen recently. But you know what? I find myself barely caring. I almost never look at the site’s homepage, and I almost never use its in-page navigation. With all their content coming to me courtesy of their RSS – sorry, ‘webfeed’ – I never need to. (Maybe that’s why Jason Deans seems so matter-of-fact in his write-up on the OrganGrinder blog.)

Incidentally: I note the site’s individual sections now have their own separate RSS feeds… and they’ve moved the Media Monkey gossip column into a blog format, so it’s got its own RSS – although, er, actually it’s Atom – too.

The most interesting development, I suppose, is the addition of a ‘video’ channel: Flash-based streaming courtesy of Brightcove, in a larger-than-usual 460×345 window. A rather odd mix of offerings so far: a few ‘proper’ TV news packages, a few stupid behind-the-scenes things, a few clips / trailers / free adverts. I’m sure it’ll work itself out in time.

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