Charlie Brooker on target

I quite enjoyed Charlie Brooker’s assault on TV news on this week’s edition of BBC FOUR’s Screenwipe. A surprising amount of fond nostalgia, including a few laugh-out-loud moments I hadn’t seen before (and one or two we’ve seen too often). His specific criticisms – how TV whipped up the hysteria over Northern Rock, the lack of actual news in the Madeleine McCann case – were spot on, but if I’m honest, a bit predictable for anyone at all familiar with the industry. Still worth half an hour of your time though: if you missed it, try to catch one of the repeats on Friday and Saturday, or take a punt on the iPlayer.

(Speaking of which… I wonder how many people are actually using iPlayer? I’ve downloaded a grand total of one single show since the trial launched nearly three months ago. And that was only cos my TV was dead due to flood damage.)