The New Politics

I’m sure if you read this, you probably also read David Wilcox’s blog. In case you don’t… he’s just written a very well-considered piece on ‘the new politics’, in the wake of the weekend’s on-off election shenanigans. Read it – particularly the five points of conclusion at the end.

David might also have mentioned that David Cameron expressed very similar sentiments in his conference speech: half a dozen times he used the words ‘the old politics is failing’, before pledging:

‘Let us resolve right here, that we will not pursue the old politics. No more Downing Street summits, get together a packet of measures for the 6 o’clock News, brief them out and then while everyone has reported them they never actually happen and everyone moves onto the next thing. That is not what this Party is going to do.’

Sounds remarkably like a cross-party consensus for democratic engagement? Ha ha ha.

David’s point about ‘creating trusted places within which more constructive discussion can take place’ is an interesting one. I spent a bit of time last week (for obvious reasons) thinking about how you could aggregate leading political blogs into a single easy-to-browse site… and it should be remarkably easy. It would be a start.

2 thoughts on “The New Politics”

  1. Simon – thanks for that. My piece started as research for a meeting, but as always I found I didn’t really understand stuff until I had written it. So I blogged my walk-in.
    As I researched and wrote, things started to come together about the chance to use new media ethos (open, joined up, build on what’s there etc) to do two things: one, promote ideas for constitutional change, two model how that might happen.
    OK, we’ve been there before, and been disappointed.
    But if it is possible to have Speaker’s conference at which party political opponents talk about the common interest of a better constitutiion, maybe it is possible to have a get-together of old and new media, facilitators etc to talk about how we talk to each other a bit better.

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