Free wifi at McDonald's

Didn’t see much mention of this last week… McDonald’s have announced plans to offer free wifi in 1,200 UK outlets by the end of the year. No sign of anything on McDonald’s or The Cloud’s sites. Very good news; I’m only just getting used to wifi working, and I’ve had trouble finding free hotspots in and around central London. The ICA is a cool place to hang out… but they don’t open until noon. Any other recommendations, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Free wifi at McDonald's”

  1. foyles used to have a free wifi hotspot in their cafe.. ideally though, just get a cheap all-you-can-eat subscription with BT, which will cover you at no extra charge on t-mobile and cloud hotspots as well.
    I only pay BT £6 a month for my deal, though i think their prices vary depending on what other BT services you take

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