I want my TV On Demand

My (only just) 2-year-old daughter is currently complaining to Mummy that she wants to watch Dora The Explorer, but it isn’t on anywhere just now. You know what? She’s right. Why shouldn’t we expect to get the programme we want, when we want? Instead she’s having to put up with Fifi And The Flowertots, which I personally can’t stand. Possibly due to Jane Horrocks providing the nicey-nicey voiceover. Still haven’t forgiven her for that Mrs-Supermarket-Manager-Becomes-PM thing.

4 thoughts on “I want my TV On Demand”

  1. We’ve had Simon’s view on the public sector, political use of technology and media in a 2.0 world, so I’m delighted that we finally get down to the nitty-gritty… what Simon thinks of Fifi and the Flowertots.

  2. If you’ve never seen Fifi, it does make a deliberate attempt to be all-inclusive when it comes to accents… as long as they’re English or Welsh. No Scots, no Ulster. Er, if it isn’t too late – don’t start me on this subject.

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