Sky's new show 'a new era'? Hardly.

I don’t know if the new News show is really ‘a new era in TV news‘, but they’ve done a reasonable job of making it feel a bit more internetty, without becoming cheesy. Well, no cheesier than my old pal Martin Stanford in default mode. Nice use of tab-based navigation along the top of the on-screen interface.

Quite appropriate, I suppose, that its two main interviews tonight were Alex Hilton and Tim Montgomerie… but a little disappointing that we didn’t get the two talking to each other. That would really have been a bit more ‘web two point nought’, as Tim would presumably have said. Alex seemed nervous, Tim was Mr Smooth.

And staying in Osterley… Sky’s new ‘Your Photos‘ site has gone live. Relatively modest for now, just an upload form feeding into their existing (non-ajax) photo gallery template. No submission by email or MMS, so it doesn’t really lend itself to ‘breaking news’. There’s a button for post-publication moderation, which makes me assume the images are going live more or less immediately (?). Picture galleries generate page impressions, but it’s ‘web 1.5’ at best. Still, it extends the recent run of new features on the site, as Sky finally starts to play catch-up.

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  1. I know what you mean! My telly career has been lost in the mists of time, but I remember it took quite a while to get used to the makeup thing. And I bet nobody told you to bring facial wipes either. 🙂

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