An election is a dead cert now

Well, I guess it was inevitable: the Tories have played the ‘chicken’ card. If Gordon doesn’t call the election now, and there are enough good reasons why he shouldn’t, he will be portrayed as a coward. Potentially damned if he does, definitely damned if he doesn’t… Charlie Beckett hit the nail on the head this morning: ‘It is one of those occasions where those who attempt to spin the media are spun.’

Incidentally… I’m seeing plenty of mentions of Cameron giving his speech ‘off the cuff’, and an implicit contrast with Brown’s scripted speech last week. Clearly the Tories have decided – rightly – that they have a better story to tell when it comes to sincerity. And they can – rightly – point to Webcameron, which has been running for months as evidence. Uncut, un-spun, me-to-you stuff. Scoble as opposed to Stalin, perhaps. 😉