Miliband's Mayo/Steinberg moment

Newsnight editor Peter Barron points to an interesting Mayo/Steinberg moment this week. On Tuesday night’s show, David Miliband was being Paxman-ed about Burma: unable to answer a specific point, he promised to clear it up by publishing the missing information on the web later on. Not on the FCO’s main site, nor indeed on his shiny new blog… but over on Newsnight’s own site.

Arguably this was a risky tactic, and were I still working there, I might even have been inclined to advise against it (although it seemed to be a spontaneous decision by the Foreign Sec, judging by the video recording). By handing over the text, you’re handing over control of it. Who knows how the BBC might present it, or what else they might put around it?

As it turned out, Newsnight did publish it… and they followed it, on the same page, with responses by their own production staff, and from the UK’s Burma Campaign…. followed by a further FCO follow-up. All shown without additional commentary. And you know what? It’s a brilliant example of adult, reasoned debate. Here are the viewpoints, all in one place – now you decide.

4 thoughts on “Miliband's Mayo/Steinberg moment”

  1. Maybe irrelavant but I cannot get published on Newsnight or Nick Robinson due to BBC technical difficulties and my wit only comes in bits each year,
    I would like to say that first, Gordon Brown is a genuine heavyweight political leader we will talk of many years to come and beyond.
    Tony Blair was as true to Labour as Brown but the looney left do not want to accept that because they were and still are a cosy talking shop of well to do studenty lefties who did nothing for the miners because they were too busy finishing their degrees and talking over coffee and digestives when working men needed thier help like my mom and dad.
    I will never forget Tony Blair’s premiership and I know Brown was eager to get the reigns as is normal amoung real leaders of men but they actually helped us.
    They gave money and time.
    Blair was called Bushe’s poodle but remember he was also the most popular prime minister ever in 1997.
    He stood by the USA because we had to regardless of leader.
    Margeret Thatcher defeated communisn and many knock that but not those who have been to Poland and seen what a crap style of life they had forced on them. A student, YMCA hostel life for all.
    Blair took Thatchers lead because he had to. Ten years had had an impact.
    The loony left had talked but not changed a thing and Diane Abbot even sent her own son to a private school outside the borough after been MP in Hackney for so many years.
    The Russians invaded Poland and most of the east. Why would they have stopped had it not been for Thatcher and America bankrupting them which they did.
    If anyone dissagrees I ask them to go to these countries and see how they lived. See why millions want to come to Britain risking life and limb to get here.
    In three years I hope the Clinton family is back in power and that our great prime minister Brown with his great mind and the great character Tony Blair can get the moderate muslims onside and get rid of extremism. I know they will and I told Tony myself just that when I could.
    I have nothing against Cameron but he will not suffer too much if his political career isn’t fabulous. He is still middle class and comfy a lot like the looney left who slated Mandleson, Brown and Blair and Cambell yet they made a difference to our actual lives regardless of what had gone on before.
    Brown is the leader now and the guvnor.
    Any election would spell that out any time but MPs need their time to fulfill their promises.
    Labour all the way……minus the looney left tea drinkers

  2. Forget the BBC.
    They are the tories seed bed of support.
    I tried to post a simple blog comment I felt about since pm.
    Yet all that is published is tory dates for an elction.
    It is like an old businesss hoping a new magic robot will save them.
    Screw the BBC and SKY.
    Brown is now the Guvnor at last.
    Clinton is the family to look to.
    Blair is in the middle east.
    Campbell will do what he can for the man ad he always has. Mandleson too.
    Screw Bush senior and jumior we have a team here. I want them to get togeether and do this.
    I mean, we cant all be living in swiss cottage.
    We need a new world oreder and CLINTON BROWN BLAIR IS WHATE IT IS AND HAS TO BE NOW.
    Thankyou for your time.
    Junior and dad messed up now it is time for hamsome and hamsomer with scots courage and mabdelson “knowing” to make a better world.
    Just get Hillary elected and we are ijn business.
    Thank you
    Nathan Sturley
    Herene bay and Whitstable

  3. It is an interesting process, and series of statements. The trouble is when dealing with passionate arguments is being able to make a decision on where to close the argument. No doubt the Burma Campaign would probably want to respond to the suggestion that investment is only aimed at grassroots support, as this appears to be government investment rather than private company investment (ie, oil industry).
    Of course, the danger then is of having a discussion – even argument – that continues on while public attention moves on – else publishing only a very limited discussion that some may consider misleading or incomplete on coverage of the actual facts.
    – Brian Turner

  4. WOW I cant believe what inarticulate ramblings get through the screening process, if there is even one. You really made me laugh Nathan, but my hat is off sailing through the air to land at the feet of the original poster. Thanks you boob.

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