Foreign Office blog site is live

So much for my exclusive… The Foreign Office blogging site went live yesterday afternoon, and is already attracting a healthy level of traffic, helped no doubt by Guido Fawkes’s reference to it. I can’t help but point out the high number of right-of-centre bloggers among the early comments.
Also interesting to note the new FCO channel on YouTube. There’s no shortage of video material around King Charles Street, so this has been a long time coming. Of course, Miliband is no stranger to YouTube, having had his own channel previously, with the occasional on-the-hoof video posting.
I’m told YouTube will be an important component this time round. It’s the right decision, as it kills two birds with one stone. There’s no (serious) doubting that it’s genuinely ‘by the Minister’ if you can see his lips move; and generally speaking, it’s much faster than writing something. Senior government people are busy, so this is probably a more practical way for them to work – assuming they’re happy to do it in ‘one take’.

One thought on “Foreign Office blog site is live”

  1. Actually, your story alerted me to his return, it took me all of 7 minutes to actually find him. Muchos gracias.
    Why I give him the traffic I’ll never know.
    One question fo you supposed web gurus. When ads for foreign holidays start appearing overlaid his YouTube vids won’t that look a bit odd on the FCO’s offical website? Just a thought?

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