Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…

… the Australian Government has published a 30-page consultation paper (PDF) on whether it should have a consultation blog (singular). Words fail me sometimes.

In their defence, it sounds like they’re trying to spec up a full-scale system for online consultation, way beyond a mere ‘blog’. They’re talking about having an official invitation to participate, in easily-embeddable video form, from the relevant Minister. Response mechanisms could include an online survey, or a full-on discussion forum (with registration not mandatory). They have given some thought to using ‘social’ tools to highlight certain active consultations, but nothing of note yet.

So once you dig beneath the surface, there’s more to it than the rather ignorant title suggests. But I’m still a bit bemused that they haven’t at least launched a basic blog as part of the exercise. There is a web page about it, but don’t expect anything more than a mailto link.