Digg-TV? Sky News plans new web-led show

More new web-influenced programming to come in a couple of weeks on Sky News: look out for Sky.com News (geddit?) at 7.30pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, with half an hour of ‘the most clicked stories on the Sky News website, and further analysis of one of the most popular stories, as well as opening up online discussions to studio debate. There will also be a rundown of the best popular online video and news from around the world as caught by Sky News viewers.’

Inevitably, the host will be the channel’s resident geek, Martin Stanford. He’s been into this territory before, of course: a relaunch at the same time last year introduced, and then rightly abandoned, various attempts at phone-in and webcam-in interaction. Then last month, they trialled a web-only video bulletin; with little follow-up, I assumed they’d gone cold on the Digg-TV idea. So I’m not yet sure it’s fair to call it ‘a radical step’ (as quoted on Media Guardian). But there are intriguing aspects: for one, the show will carry on through the TV advert breaks, if you’re watching on the web.

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