Sky News joins Facebook

Hot on the heels of their showbiz-only app comes a full-on Sky News Facebook app. I still like the idea of RSS-to-Facebook, but to be honest, once I’d added the showbiz app, I forgot all about it. On reflection, why would I look at my own profile for content updates? Meanwhile, I’m seeing a steady stream of updates from Five Live, because it’s a ‘friend’. Maybe that’s the way to do it. Sky could change its status each time it has a (decent) ‘breaking news’ story: ‘Sky News is reporting that…’.

One thought on “Sky News joins Facebook”

  1. Simon
    I’m not so sure about organisations being friends on Facebook. That was one of the things that wrankled on MySpace, where you can make fridns with My Name Is Earl or Reebok or something. If you don’t want to use an RSS reader and you have your profile open all the time, then I don’t see why not.
    It is, however, one of those instances of every application growing to the point at which it can read mail and becomes everything and nothing.

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