Lloyds TSB's well-timed flooding website

Full marks to Lloyds TSB for their rapid response website helpimflooded. It looks like it was thrown together relatively quickly, in response to the flooding in the north of England – the DNS record shows the domain was registered on 5 July, a fortnight before the south got the worst of it. There are a few rough edges – spelling BBC wrong on the homepage, for example. But it just goes to show that it can be done.

A nod, too, to the new Living ‘blog’ launched by More Than insurance, working with Antony Mayfield‘s mates at Spannerworks. It looks very well done, all built in WordPress (so thumbs-up from me) and is very blog/mashup/2.0-literate. It’s a tangential project, more about brandbuilding than selling insurance… and I always wonder how sites like these can maintain an audience. But hey, they’ve got a page of flood advice too.

Not that flooding and insurance a subject currently dominating my thinking, or anything.

2 thoughts on “Lloyds TSB's well-timed flooding website”

  1. Thumbs up to the LLoyds TSB website – well timed and useful. The Morethan site though confuses me – a community site with no community or a compelling reason to be a part of it. What’s it for???

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