Sky launches showbiz news app for Facebook

A very smart move by Sky: they’ve launched a Facebook app which pulls in a news feed (with pics) from its showbiz news website. Very nice ajax-y pagination within it, too. Not the first RSS-to-Facebook app I’ve seen, but certainly the most ‘mainstream’. I refer my honourable readers to the posting I made some weeks ago: Facebook as a friendlier environment for consuming RSS?
No sign of anything official coming from the BBC… but 2,300 people are using an unofficial tool instead. Sounds like a respectable number – but it pales in comparison with stupid stuff like that Zombies app, which has a startling 2.35m users.

2 thoughts on “Sky launches showbiz news app for Facebook”

  1. So why is RSS so ‘unfriendly’? Why do the mainstream not use it? This question confounds me as I am totally dependent upon it and get very annoyed when websites DON’T have RSS feeds. I have long suspected that it something to do with having 2 apps open. If Outlook had RSS on the same screen (or indeed Gmail or Hotmail did) then it might become more ‘usable’? Or is it something else?

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