Mirror's daily YouTube football bulletin

The Mirror‘s web efforts have been the subject of considerable ridicule: not least on this blog. But they’re doing something interesting on YouTube at the moment: ‘Football Spy’, a daily roundup of summer football transfer gossip, done from (what looks like) a regular ‘studio’ setup at Mirror HQ. Not just from their own paper, but from their deadliest rivals.

In my experience, traffic to football websites actually increases (dramatically) during the offseason: fans are desperate to find out who their clubs are looking to sign; and they aren’t too bothered if the gossip is especially accurate. Just as long as it’s something to talk about, keeping the boredom at bay until it all kicks off again. This is a smart move by the Mirror… although the video quality could be a bit better.

The same clips also appear within the Mirror site itself; but I certainly wouldn’t have come across them there.