BBC iPlayer: old kit only

I was delighted to receive a beta invite to the BBC’s new iPlayer application last night. I logged in with the details supplied, to find a really quite slick ajax-based web interface, and a wealth of BBC content within. Hot pink isn’t really a colour I’d associate with the Beeb, but it works well against the black-and-charcoal background.

Having not had a functional TV since last Friday lunchtime, it was a good chance to see a few things I’d missed. Er, no: not on Vista, not on Firefox. I’ll try it all again later, when I find a slightly older PC.

Actually, I’m finding a growing number of reasons to dislike Vista. If I get brave in the next week or two, I may finally stick Ubuntu alongside it on my laptop. The new visual effects in this October’s Ubuntu release are really quite mouthwatering.

5 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer: old kit only”

  1. Re: Ubuntu, do it, Simon. Especially when you have VMWare installed too, so you can have the best of both worlds all the time. The other advantage of linux for web types is that you can have your own private web server available for testing all the time…

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