FCO staff stir as Miliband posts holiday snaps on Flickr

Actually, no sooner do I publish that last item about David Miliband than I notice some more and rather interesting new online activity at FCO.
Clearly taking the Mayo-Steinberg doctrine to heart, there’s now a Flickr user called ‘fcowebsite’, with a grand total of three images, all from SoSFA’s jaunt over to Afghanistan in the last couple of days. They’ve used a Flickr badge to illustrate the ‘Newsfile’ page about the trip. Using an existing community rather than building your own? Well done, I say – although it must surely be in breach of Flickr’s community guidelines, which state quite clearly:

If we find you selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account.

More digg/delicious buttons here too – and yes, once again, it’s only been dugg/tagged by Liam King and ladyclaire. Both of whom seem to be very recent recruits to del.icio.us. Hmm… I note ladyclaire’s use of the word ‘our’ with reference to the ‘Have Your Say’ pages I mentioned earlier, which makes me think she’s actually FCO too. Nothing wrong with doing this, of course, but still…
Incidentally, if Liam or Claire wants to add a Facebook button to the FCO pages – and given the user numbers and demographics, it’s probably a better place to be doing any stirring – the necessary code is on the Facebook site.

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